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it is common that one deals with overwhelming emotions on their journey as a small business owner. Almost all entrepreneurs have been through some things, here are tips for overwhelmed small business owners.

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Tips for overwhelmed small business owners


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially when you don’t come from a business background. People often think that being an entrepreneur is a carefree career path when it’s quite the opposite. It takes time, money, effort and creativity to make your visions come true. Therefore, it is common that one deals with overwhelming emotions on their journey as a small business owner. Almost all entrepreneurs have been through some things, here are tips for overwhelmed small business owners.

Delegating Tasks 

As a small business owner, you have a million things to do and if not managed smartly, those can turn into a nightmare. Therefore, it is important to delegate the less important tasks to focus on actually important things. There are a lot of famous small business owners who work efficiently by dividing their workload and putting efforts in the right place. 

Delegating tasks not only helps in being productive but also makes you work on your tasks comprehensively. 

Learn to Say No

We all know that once you start doing things, you feel as if you can do anything. You have that burden of making everyone happy. But let’s be honest that makes us more overwhelmed than helping us feel satisfied and motivated. Therefore, learn to say no. Knowing what your limit is, and don’t take more than you can handle. The benefits of owning your own business are that you get the freedom to control your calendar and manage your time. Be smart and selfish in that regard and say no when you know it might be hard to handle.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Did I stress it enough? It might feel like a tedious task but trust me, organizing your workload makes working easy. When you’re starting your business, there are things to do in abundance and spending your time looking for things can be both time-taking and mentally exhaustive. You might get overwhelmed just by the thought of thinking where did I keep the client products? Where did I document the client’s needs? Or was the meeting at 2:30 pm or 3:00 pm?

Organising is the answer to a lot of your problems. There are some amazing tools and apps that help new business owners organise their workspace. Planners and to-do list will become your best friend as they help you plan your time and give you the control to manage things. 

Focus on the process and not on the outcome

It is motivating to have big goals and have a direction with your business. But sometimes our focus shifts from the process and we worry about the outcome. And it’s just human nature to do that but it is up to us to keep ourselves on the right track. 

For example – You are focusing on social media to get more traffic for your business. You know that using the right strategy can help you build your brand. Suddenly you realize the amount of work ahead of you. And you start second-guessing your strategy and what will give you a better result. This makes the task overwhelming. 

Instead of thinking if your strategy will work or not, trust the process and keep going. You should approach the task with calmness without worrying about the outcome.

Mapping your projects

This is an important tip for small business owners, you might feel you’re just starting and there is no need to set milestones. But in reality, setting targets will not only help in keeping you productive but also help you feel less overwhelmed. You can start as big as mapping your brand goals and as small as scheduling meetings and content strategies. Having an outline will help reduce stress and give you a structure to work on. 

Manage Time

We all feel the urge to finish tasks before going to bed. Working late might not seem a big of a deal but it overworks you and you are unable to give your hundred percent. It is important to have a transition from work to sleep as it gives you time and space to breathe. This will help improve your sleeping pattern and chance to wake up refreshed and less overwhelmed. 

It is not easy to be a small business owner because you have multiple things to work on and have little to almost no support. Consequently, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and question your decisions. But bringing changes to your daily routine can help you minimize overwhelming emotions and help you focus on building your brand. The most important thing of all, don’t forget to breathe! 

Simply close your eyes and take a deep breath in, you have worked hard and you got this!!

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